We adopted Abby on February 8, 2006 from the Austin Humane Society. They had her listed as "Brit", but her coloring and pattern reminded us of Pauley Perrette's goth lab technician on N.C.I.S.

Abby was a mature five months old when we got her. She loved to explore, but seemed even happier just cuddling and rubbing faces with us. Initially she was cautious about the other animals, but Willow was her first friend and the rest soon followed.

Once Abby was comfortable around him Ash taught her to play "tug" with ropes and various toys. He always let her win, which meant we got to watch our 35kg (75lb) dog get pulled around the room by our 1.5kg (3lb) kitten.

As an alleged adult, Abby acts more like a kitten than she did when younger. She alternates between serious cuddle sessions and running around like crazy. When she warbles her hunting cry everyone else in the house, humans, dogs, and cats alike, hunker down. She will pounce on anyone and anything that crosses her path.