One-Piece Tools

Thick double borders indicate custom tools. Thin double borders indicate semi-custom tools. Thick single borders indicate production tools that have been customized.

Primary Carry

Boker Minibar Cha/O/Ha EDC Card (Slim) Key-Bak Keychain Multi-Tool Victorinox Quattro Drive

Secondary Carry

Exuvius Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stay


BurkTek PocketWrench II PocketToolX Piranha (smoke) Leatherman Piranha 2 MRF Universal Multitool Card Cha/O/Ha EDC Card (Special Edition) Lever Gear Toolcard Tuls Roul Wallet Tool CountyComm Pocket Widgy Pry Bar Schrade Titanium Pry Tool 2 HDZConcepts Pocket Multi Tool (green) HDZConcepts Wallet Utility Bottle Opener (blue) CountyComm Micro Widgy Pry Bar Tactical Keychains WTF Mini Gerber Shard BCB Mini Work Tool Screwpop Wrench (Metric) Screwpop Wrench (English) Leatherman 5 Leatherman 6 Leatherman 10 Raker Ring Tool (O2) Benchmade Rescue Hook PocketToolX Brewzer True Utility KeyTool TT Pocket Tools Leatherman Bit Tool